There are many things you want to know about using the graphic tools in designing right?

Using tools are a bit easy when you are making an image or even modifying an image.

Before you start, you should know first the meaning of the tools appearing the page. There is the navigation bar that you can refer to.

Whenever you do a move, click on the tool and do what you desire. For example, you want to create an image. First, you have to give a background of the image. Then start to create an image. There is a drawing tool that you can use when using these tools. On the right side, you see the navigation for layer and its history. For other editors, there is no navigation for history.

By the way, how do you use this? It is very important to know the layers. Your layers are every phase that you do in the image. So it is natural that you there are numerous layers in one image. Whenever you edit something, click in the navigation layer the layer that you want to edit. Clicking the tools on the left side and try to edit does not work if you do not click the layer first.

It is very easy if you know the cycle of the software. As you know, creating an image or even editing it is very hard and it would take a lot of time. For more complete tools and features, it is better to use Adobe Photoshop especially if you are creating an image. If you are editing an image, Pixlr can do.

In the left side tools, click it and make use of the top navigation to work for it. For example, you click the erase tool, then adjust the size of the eraser tool in the top navigation, depending on how much size you want, it can be big size or small size.

Step by step learning is the key for perfect learning.